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No hot water / Heating Empty No hot water / Heating

Post  seanrogers on Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:20 am

I think I may have a couple of faults....Firstly, I noticed that the temperature of the hot water was gradually decreasing over a couple of days. I checked the operational controls and when I called for heating, the pump kicked in but the temperature of the store was low so it was just pumping cold water round the system. However, when I ran the tap, there was no recognition for demand on the pcb and no voltage to the dhw pump. However, a day later, the pcb would recognise dhw demand and the dhw pump would kick in but now it won't recognise dhw tap being opened at all. This tells me I have a flow sensor issue but not sure which sensor needs replacing. Also, I assume that I have another fault as the temperature of the store is around 20 degrees and I am not getting any voltage to the flow boiler. I have checked the flow boiler and both overheat stats and they are giving correct readings. When I was investigating, I saw that the mains supply plug connector on the off peak pcb was loose and just pulled away from the board. I have since re-soldered this to the board and seem to have good contact. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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No hot water / Heating Empty Re: No hot water / Heating

Post  mike on Mon Nov 05, 2012 12:26 pm

Board could be gone after reading your post.
Check the fault codes.
And the function display on the board.


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