Keep running out of hot water or the timer is not set right??

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Keep running out of hot water or the timer is not set right??

Post  Carter on Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:04 pm


First of thanks for this forum !!

We have a pulacoil A class and then we had a 'burned out relay' which was supplied by BG Bones and fitted by an electrician, all worked well then one day I accidently hit the timer in the boiler room messing up the settings . . . .DOH : (

The timer in the boiler room is a CTU 9000 (digital) I reset this and set the time and the program for the boiler to come on in the morning and go off at night, an according to the CTU manual this will then repeat this function for ever the setting is ON not ON with AUTO.

Then a few day's later we had a power cut, which reset the primary timer in the house which is a Creda FLASH programmer S2, and after reading the Pulascoil manual the boiler requires 2 power supplies, is this correct?

So in therory I need to set the Creda power supply (primary) to be on continuously and the set the CTU to come on every morning and turn off every night with the setting ON . . . . correct?

However . . . . I seem to be having a problem setting the Creeda timer as I cant find the instructions in the flat or on the web . . . . . buggar, so im sort of guessing at the moment, i have set the time and it has 2 switches sun and moon both are on sun and the little red slider switch is set to timer.

So where I am today is . . . . . . I swiched the boost button ON (as the previous setting only worked for 2 days with hot water then went cold . . . . this time last night to heat the water, then set the Creeda to be on all the time, I think . . . . this morning was GOOD. . . hot water, then tonight I got in and had a shower, all good : ) . . . . done the washing up, all good, then my lovely girlfriend wanted a bath, I said no problem . . . . . .fingers crossed water should be hot? ran a deep bath all good, but then the red light switched on during the bath filling??

I think this is normal as it stats that this is for on peak boost activity, which running a bath after a shower and the sink would be "boost activity" My lovely girlfriend says "NO" the light has never come on during this type of evening and that there is a problem. and ever since we had the burn out problem and it was replaced it hasnt been the same??

Maybe right??, or maybe I havent got both timers set incorrectly . . . right ??

Can you please confirm who is right, our entire relationship and happiness will be decided on your answer !! : )

I have just checked the boiler now and the light is off. my girlfriend had the hot bath as well as a heated discussion about the red light coming on during lots of hot water being used. . . . hence me contacting you now . . . I will not touch the boiler button again, hopefully there will be hot water tomorrow morning or im dead meat !!!

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide



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