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Hot Water - Sometimes. Empty Hot Water - Sometimes.

Post  oz_borne on Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:03 pm

Hi all,

first post and I hope you can help.

Over the past week, the Boilermate 3 has done the following:-

- Pump at rear of system has started up
- light on board indicate water store at 1 flashing green light.
- Water Store red light flashing.
- Boiler down stairs (Control panel replaced last year) Flashing green and amber (together) every 3 seconds.

This has carried on for hours...with no change.

Calling for water through taps, changes nothing.

I found that if I turned on the heating for an hour and then it went off, allowed the water to then get heated and water store fill over a period of about 30 mins.

Tonight.....tried all of that and nothing happend. Boiler would just flash but nothing. Then quiet randomly, it all just fires up and did exactly what it did previously.

I've turned it all off, started it all up in different orders, the Mixer and diverter valve works fine as i've replaced those problems before. Only thing I can think is that the bottom PCB the Gledhill GT151 PCB is causing a problem.

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Cheers all.


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