Leaking Cylinder?

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Leaking Cylinder?

Post  CChan on Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:55 am


In my panic in trying to urgently get hot water running (if only temporarily whilst I await a replacement boiler) I thought I would see if I can get any enlightened views on this forum.

I have a pulsacoil2000 that has not been circulating hot water for any more than a few seconds. I have boiler repair cover but am being told that no repairs will be undertaken because there is a leak in the cylinder. A leak was diagnosed ages ago but there is no meaningful loss of water from the unit and it seems very minor to me. The unit is over 10 years old

I am being advised that it would be dangerous to drain down and refill/reheat the system when the cylinder has a leak as it runs the risk of the leak being made significantly worse causing potentially major damage.

I have a young family in the flat who have had no hot water for too long already and I want the insurers to provide a temporary repair purely on the basis that it will have hot water provided within 24-48 hours rather than subjecting the family to another week + without water if I were to simply opt for a new boiler and do nothing else.

Im not sure whether this is excuse making to save the insurers money or a genuine risk. My only concern is to get hot water for the young family asap. Therefore, I would rather have temporary repair with a replacement unit lined up to be installed later if needs be.

Anyone have any views on the risk of draining down and refilling the cylinder if it has a minor leak?

Thank you


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Re: Leaking Cylinder?

Post  mike on Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:14 am

Not really.
When cold it will leak more.
Not so much when hot.
You could try putting leak sealer into the unit, which may work if only for a short time.
In all fairness your plight could have been avoided as you were warned that the unit was leaking some time ago.
And as stated whilst hot and kept hot the unit can be used for some time.
But things in the end only get worse, never better.


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