I don't have hot water

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I don't have hot water

Post  tomsal on Mon May 11, 2009 4:09 am

I don't have hot water.I FILED MY TANK the red LED is flashing in normal operation I unscrewed the pump but no air came out only some water I also have buzzing noise coming out .All the pipes is very cold please help me to understand what is going on.Thank you


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Re: I don't have hot water

Post  Mike the Boilerman on Wed May 20, 2009 3:42 pm

Sounds to me as though the unit is not heating up. Check all the switches are ON and none of the breakers are tripped in the fuse board.

You need an engineer to visit I think. I doubt it will be anything you can repair yourself unless you are good with spanners and electicity.

Cheers, Mike

Mike the Boilerman

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The guide may help

Post  sunny.sahdev on Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:59 am

Request this guide which goes over basic operations and fault finding.

Pulsacoil 2000


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Re: I don't have hot water

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