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PCB Jumper pins Empty PCB Jumper pins

Post  DavyG on Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:27 am

I have attended a callout today to an Electromax 2000 9KW to find problems with the PCB registering inputs. The summer/winter switch does not indicate on the readout and neither does the off peak signal so I am thinking its a PCB error. I did notice that the jumpers that should be on pins 2 & 4 only has one jumper pin on number 4 so was wondering how this will affect the running of the unit. There are no spare jumpers to test on and off the pins and no jumper to put on pin 5 to carry out diagnostics. Does anyone know anything about this as don't want to quote for a new PCB if its ok. Also the off peak input PCB doesn't seem to be listed in the spares list...does it come with the main PCB...thanks in advance



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