BoilerMate A Class SPSA42000 - No Hot Water

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BoilerMate A Class SPSA42000 - No Hot Water Empty BoilerMate A Class SPSA42000 - No Hot Water

Post  Hawkeye on Tue Jun 30, 2015 10:41 am


I have a BoilerMate A Class SPSA42000 (At least it says that on the sticker)
The Grey area by the Mode switch and Reset Switch shows a Gledhill Logo and SysteMate A-Class

I am further confused because I found pages from "Mike the boilerman" who says that radiators cannot be installed at a height above the Boilermate so must use a SysteMate.

As we live in a 3 storey, we have rads above the Boilermate.

Lastly the installers (Renelec) left a BoilerMate OV Manual

So you can see my confusion

I cannot find an BoilerMate SP with 4200 (I got one that does 120SP,140SP thru 220SP)

Anyway on to the problems

I noticed that the hot water does not seem to be heating

Also the Central Heating was intermittent

It appeared the demand from the room stat was there, but nothing responds.

The cure seems to be to reset the BoilerMate and the Boiler

Press the Green illuminated switch on the BoilerMate and it kills the power to the boiler, but sometimes another reset of the boiler was required.

I have done so testing and this is what I found

Generally the Lower Zone Room Stat causes the boiler to fire

Prior to this the Boiler has a flashing dot in D1 to indicate that
Controller on standby
Boiler off

The BoilerMate has segments V.1.1 & V.1.3 lit to indicate
HW Program calling for heat
CH Program calling for heat

This confused me until today when I realised that this indicates the Hot Water and Heating are set to CONSTANT. Turn off and the segments extinguish.

So I set the Lower Floor Room Stat to 21 Deg and the boiler starts to fire

The segments on the boiler indicate that
Boiler in ignition sequence / Boiler control thermostat satisfied
Boiler heat demand present
Boiler Pump on

The Boilermate lower left pump starts, I can feel movement through the pipes, the radiators start to warm

The BoilerMate segments indicate
V1.1. Lit - HW Programmer calling for heat
V1.3 Lit - CH Programmer calling for heat
V2.1 Lit - Boiler on
V2.3 Lit - 3 Port Valve - Mid position
H2.3 Lit - Boiler/heating system pump on
V2.4 Lit - 3 Port Valve - Full divert (along with V2.3)

Everything appears normal

I eventually turn the room stat down and the system reverts to it's standby state

I then try the same thing in the attic room

It is warm up there so it needs 24 or above to get going

I set it to 30, the boiler fires for about 40 seconds and then stops

The D2 Dot is flashing indicating - Boiler blocking / lockout error
                                                 Reset required

The hot water just does not work, I heated it via the emergency the other day

You run the hot water nothing happens with the boiler

It sits there in wait mode (so no demand from the BoilerMate)

I tried putting it on timer vs constant (not 100% sure I got it right with the clock yet)

I turn the Heating to off

The BoilerMate segments lit
V1.1 - HW programmer calling for heat
H1.2 - Bottom store Sensor calling for heat
H2.1 - PHE Pump on

The other pump energises (but does not seems as loud as I remember), at the moment the water is hot. The Heat exchanger gets very hot, but the boiler is not getting a signal

After I switch the tap off the pump runs for about 18 secs, a relay clicks and the pumps stops and segment H2.1 extinguishes

I went into the S1 & S2 switches today and took the readings
Sensor Temp
5.1 75
5.2 76
5.3 39
5.4 40
5.5 69
5.6 75
5.7 73

Control set Points
5.1 68
5.2 75
5.3 35
5.4 55
5.5 60

Fault code Indication Lockouts
I got a lot
C.0 FF
C.1 37
C.2 Thru C.6 29
The rest FF

Fault code Indication Blockouts

Same as above

I reset the BoilerMate and now
C.1 11
The rest all FF

I waggled the Omron relays (think they are soldered in ??)

I removed the temperature sensors (anyone know how far they push in)

The very bottom on looks like something dripped into the plastic molex plug

I cannot get it apart. The two other sensors the plug pulls apart and you hear a click on the circuit board

So I am at a loss

I think I need to get a meter out and measure some signals somewhere once I can figure out if I need to measure AC or DC and where.

On the face of it, it looks like the boiler is not getting the demand signal to fire to heat the water
Also the upstairs room stat may be causing a probklem
Sometimes even the lower stat has no effect on the boiler

So a boiler problem ??

The reset button on the BoilerMate is also inop.

Press it and nothing happens.

Oh and lastly my F&C Cisern has about 15 - 20cm of smelly grey water

Any advice appreciated e.g. how to see what the store thinks it is vs what it should be, where to measure for a signal to fire the boiler.

I have lots of pictures of the whole thing + videos if required



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