Original PulsaCoil - neutral wire keeps burning out

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Original PulsaCoil - neutral wire keeps burning out

Post  coil on Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:13 pm

I have an original PulsaCoil Cylinder. In the last six months I have replaced the bottom immersion element with a Gledhill XB080 Immersion element. The cylinder worked fine for three months and then the neutral wire on the immersion element burnt out. I had the Economy 7 wall switch and cable to the element replaced by an electrician and all was fine until the same problem occurred again in recent days.

So the neutral wire has burnt out twice in six months - has anyone ever come across this problem?

If so could you please advise.......

Many thanks


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Re: Original PulsaCoil - neutral wire keeps burning out

Post  mike on Mon Dec 19, 2016 4:54 pm

Yes many times.
I alway use a crimped on forked terminal connector (blue)

If not make sure the flex core when stripped goes under the neutral clamp as per the handle of a walking stick.

Always hold the clamp with pliers or grips whilst doing the screw up. Can get it really tight then with out breaking the heater connection.

Butyl flex is the best to use 1.5 mm

If not heat resistant flex but not as good.

The Neutral connection is more important than the live connection.

With overhead cables it is nearly always the Neutral which gives the most trouble.

Same with consumer units



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