Electramate 2000 9kw - No Heat or Hot Water

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Electramate 2000 9kw - No Heat or Hot Water

Post  EPML on Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:25 am

We have a customer with a 9KW EM2000, we when out unit had power but no Heat or H/W. Traced out and found, R/H/S relay not switching also elements metered out open circuit.

So we have changed the relay and the elements, all back on heating up and plenty of H/W.

3 days later client called to say not hot water or heating again we returned to site and found EM2000 had no power, MCB on board tripped. Reset MCB, unit powered up and started heating the store, after a few minutes we had some hot water coming through.

The following morning client call to say not hot water or heating this morning. We have just returned again to find unit has power and is on by water is cold and the relay does not seem to be getting a switch current to not putting power to elements.

Any ideas ?




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