Faulty Boiler Pump?

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Faulty Boiler Pump?

Post  st3camc on Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:10 am

Hi, I have a BoilerMate A-Class 185 OV and the other day came home to no hot water or central heating. On removal of the cover I notice that the main board MCB had tripped and also spotted that the 3.15A slow blow fuse on the PCB had blown. I tried replacing the fuse and reset the MCB and powered up, after a short boot cycle it tripped and blew the fuse again (expected I suppose!). I tried removing the pumps from the PCB one at a time, it seems that when the boiler pump is connected it trips. Currently I have hot water and heating provided by the backup 'switch' elements. Noticed error code 24 but it's not in the manual. Could it be a seized pump drawing too much current causing it to trip, or it is more likely to be a PCB issue? With the rocker set to switch and the central heating and mains feed pumps connected everything else seems to work as normal. I haven't tested the pump manually to check if it's seized yet but I could do. Any other advice or suggestions from your experience?

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