Boilermate 2000 - three faulty boards

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Boilermate 2000 - three faulty boards

Post  RG58 on Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:34 pm

I now have a total of three faulty ACB boards acquired over the 16-year life of our system.  The question is, can any of them be fixed?

Board 1. Packed up some years ago (cannot remember fault) but has the common burning around the capacitors on the component side but, on the reverse side little burning, but one piece of track has lifted off the surface.

Board 2.  Been in use for some years but recently developed an intermittent fault in that it occasionally refuses to switch off the central heating despite the room thermostat signalling it to do so.

Board 3.  Acquired second-hand some years ago.  I seem to remember from a neighbour that replaced their Gledhill system due to corrosion and leaks.  This board has been in use for a couple of weeks to overcome the CH issue but in the last few days has now twice allowed the store temperature to drop to 30 or 40 degrees without turning the boiler on.  Again this seems to be an intermittent fault as last night it was definitely switching the boiler on to raise the store temp to 74 degrees but tonight, would not switch it on again.  I lit the boiler locally but a few minutes later, with the store temperature at only 54 degrees, the boiler switched off again.

The boards do not show any errors when using the buttons to cycle through the display temperatures, but with the latter two boards both having intermittent faults,  does anyone know if they could be repaired with any degree of certainty?

Thanks in anticipation of any advice.


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