heater element replacement ?

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heater element replacement ?

Post  bobtv on Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:46 pm

Hi, I have 1 open circuit heater element, but propose 2 replace both while the system is drained. Can i use generic 3kw elements of the correct dimensions, or do i have to use glenhill parts. if so why, as a matter of interest ? Are there any pitfalls i should watch out for ? Thanks for any info. Bob


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Re: heater element replacement ?

Post  Mike the Boilerman on Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:04 pm

Yes generic heaters will fit but they will make more noise than the correct parts. The Gledhill heaters are 'low-Watt-density' heaters i.e. they have much more surface area than a standard cheapy heater element.

Cheers, Mike

Mike the Boilerman

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Incoloy elements only

Post  sunny.sahdev on Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:53 am

As a thermal storage tank, I would recommend you only use a incoloy element with a thermostat that reaches 73oC. If you don't the system will not run correctly and will start leaking sooner.

You can order these parts on-line via this link:
Gledhill Pulsacoil 2000 Spares


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Re: heater element replacement ?

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