Pulsacoil A-Class (Pulsacoil 145)

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Pulsacoil A-Class (Pulsacoil 145)

Post  darrenwray1970 on Mon May 17, 2010 6:31 am

Hi Mike, I have previously posted on here under Pulsacoil 145 of which you did not recognise, on looking at the manual again it is actually a Pulsacoil A-Class (Pulsacoil 145 model). I have an intermittent problem with the unit which last August triggered the smoke alarm via steam release which, because the dwelling is in a block of flats, resluted in the fire brigade turning up. I checked the unit at the time, I had not seen one before but developed a good understanding of the operation, as I design heating controls it all seemed quite straight forward to me. On testing the unit it heated up in about one hour and cut out as it should do, during this time I checked the operation of the sensors by measuring temperatures with my fluke multimeter. All seemed normal so I told the customer that I could not find a fault. The unit has had another occurrence of the same fault.

Thanks for the advice you have already given, however you did say that it might not be relevant to a different model and this is a different model?

Best regards

Darren Wray, F.W.Marsh Ltd, Isle of Wight.


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pulsacoil aclass 145 steaming

Post  connectheating on Tue May 18, 2010 11:48 am

hi darren .
without a doubt and cutting straight to the chase the unit has either got the omron relays or the durakool relays on them .i would advise you swap these as they are a real issue on the pulsacoil aclass .swap them for a pulsacoil relay mod kit available from segel on the net.


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