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Post  lewis2010 on Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:58 am

Before i describe the problem with my boiler ,i thank anyone who can offer me some pointers, its brilliant that people offer their experience like this.

I recently noticed a damp patch on my lounge ceiling, so after a bit of investigation, i sourced the leak coming from the boiler area.
After removing the front panel i found that leak to be at seeping from the very base of the boiler and coming out around where there it joins the front panel. Obviously there is a leak inside somewhere and this is now the escape route for the water.
Not being an expert on this boiler, i dont even know what the make up is inside, or how to actually get at any leak that has started there.

All advice is appreciated greatly,


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Post  Midland Boilercare on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:37 am

Hi Lewis

Sorry for the late reply on this. If you've not had it dealt with yet, here is some advice.

I'm afraid that if your Boilermate is leaking through the front then it has leaked from one of the brazed joints inside and there is no repair that can be made (the unit behind the front panel is filled with polyurethane foam and evene if you could get to the unit, finding the leaking join is almost impossible).

The only way forward for this is to retire the unit to the recycling department and install a new unit.
Check the manufacturing date of the unit on the data label inside as Gledhill gave a 5yr warranty on the tank (although this is on a sliding scale e.g. a 4yr old unit would only get 20% off the cost of a new unit).

The Boilermate 2000 range is no longer manufactured and it will more than likely need to be replaced with a Boilermate BP.There are quite a few changes that will nedd to be made when installing this as it works like the old Boilermate 2 and will need a full set of system controls to be fitted.

We cover the East/West Midland areas if you need our help

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