Dreading winter because...

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Dreading winter because...

Post  nickd on Mon Sep 27, 2010 4:48 pm

...I suddenly start getting poor amounts of hot water! Wonder if you can help?

I have read a lot of these forum posts now and am starting to wonder whether I have something wrong with my boiler as for the past three years I thought it was just a bit of a bad design! ha!

So anyway I have an a-class. Unlike other posts though, I have three switches on the wall (instead of two). One reads 'peak', one 'off-peak' and the third doesnt have anything printed on. Whats that one?

I dont have a timer of any kind, but I presume the timing is controlled by the economy 7 power coming on.

So my problem is this: throughout the warmer months I couldnt be happier - I have all the hot water I need, unless I have about 7 showers in a day. Its good.

But then as soon as the cold weather sets in, the amount of hot water drops significantly. There are only two of us in the flat; we each have a shower in the morning then go to work. By the evening, I'm lucky if the water is warm enough to run a sink to do the washing up! I dont think this is an unreasonable amount to expect the boiler to deal with so maybe somethings wrong? Having read the manual though, I am wondering whether I need a restrictor on my shower head? Surely not.

There is no fault being displayed, by the way.

So, do I have a problem, or do I need to just learn to deal with no warm water after about 2pm unless I switch on the boost?

Many many thanks for any help you can offer.



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Re: Dreading winter because...

Post  mike on Tue Sep 28, 2010 4:47 pm

In the winter the water entering the property is colder.
Try running the shower in to a bucket for a minute.
Then measure with a jug how much water there is.
That will give you the flow rate as in litres per minute.


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