Hard Water and Heat Exchanger Lifetime

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Hard Water and Heat Exchanger Lifetime

Post  njw on Tue Feb 17, 2009 6:11 am


I live in a hard water area and my boiler seems to be sounding a little off colour. I have had hard water issues in the past causing the heat exchanger to get blocked and replaced twice.

1) What are the chances its blocked and the symptoms?
2) Do i need to purchase a complete Heat Exchanger Unit (£600) or can i get away with the internal 'head' unit, around £100?




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Re: Hard Water and Heat Exchanger Lifetime

Post  Mike the Boilerman on Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:06 pm

Hi Nick,

I think you are confusing the domestic water-to-water heat exchanger and the integrated gas boiler gas-to-water heat exchanger.

The gas-to-water HE is £600 or so and failure is caused by internal rust from the rads clogging it up and causing overheat lock-outs.

The water-to-water HE scales up in hard water areas around every two years depending on water usage patterns and local hardness. A dripping hot tap will shorten the process to a couple of months! Cool water and slow flow are the symptoms.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Mike

Mike the Boilerman

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