Gledhill Boilermate OV Solar

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Gledhill Boilermate OV Solar

Post  dave miller on Mon Mar 21, 2011 1:35 pm

1.As a previous owner has mentioned, my Boilermate stat display shows constant temps for S1, S6, S5 whatever the actual water temp.

The fault code shown is f,-. Apart from this all seems to be working satisfactorily. Should I take action to correct the fault at this stage?

2. Since the system was installed 3 years ago I have found the hot water to heat whenever the rads are on (ie just channel 2 activated). Is this as it should be?

3. Am I wrong in thinking that if the hot water (Channel 1) is left continuously on, so that the preset temp of 77 is always reached in the store, that the benefit of the solar side is negated as the system does not want further energy input at that point?

Grateful for any help you can provide.

dave miller

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Re: Gledhill Boilermate OV Solar

Post  mike on Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:35 pm

Have you the book on your unit?
If not I would advise that you call the Gledhill Technical help line which at 60p per minute would ease your mind.
I'm not able to lay my hands on the install guide at the moment.
And I would not wish to advise you wrongly.


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