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Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire & Oxon

Post  H2OT on Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:10 am

Hello. My name is Barry. I started out descaling Gledhills (and still do - in large numbers), and then graduated to simple repairs. However, of late I have been replacing them - as owners get fed up with constant breakdowns. At the moment I'm actually replacing more than I'm repairing! Although the capital cost is something to be considered it can, of course, actually work out cheaper over a few years due to the cost of calling out an engineer every time your Gledhill goes wrong. I fit a similar unit - but with NO electronics! You still get mains-pressure water, of course, and you get a 5-year guarantee (parts & labour). Fitting is usually less than half a day. Please bear in mind before you call me that for repairs I do have an 'area-of-work' - the RG area. This is to keep travel costs to a minimum. I will go outside of this area but obviously I make a charge for that.

If you want your Gledhill descaled than I'm certainly your number one call - having carried out descaling for 28 years now! I also manufacture a limescale inhibitor that is guaranteed to work (or your money back). It has naturally been very successful. Thanks for reading. Barry (Reading) - 0118 942 4981 or 0770 231 6157.


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