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meltdown!!!!!! Empty meltdown!!!!!!

Post  pete_bradshaw Wed Nov 30, 2011 1:37 pm

mike, hi,
my boilermate is driving me mad,i moved into this house 4 years ago and have never had the spare cash to change it. i have had numerous problems to solve, the latest being the boiler firing up every 30 minutes for 1 minute to heat water not the central heating. the boilermate is an FE180 from 1989 and is in very good condition altho the actual read out etc has never worked at all, it is run off an old acl 24/7 timer which has also stopped working (doesnt recognise the internal clock) and is now on 'constant' and run off the thermostat at the bottom of my stairs. i know it sounds terrible but the thing works, is effecient in respect of my bill being an average of £50 per month. Yesterday the boiler which is set to max started firing up every 30 minutes for 1 minute only(is it to do with colder water being fed in due to outside temperature??). i have checked water levels,all ok ,the ball valve was replaced 2 months ago and i put new grundfos 15-50's on last year. the stupid thing is we sell the 'new' gledhill stainless lite at work but the impending doom of christmas means i cant afford a new one just yet and their techincal department havent got a clue as to why the boiler is behaving this way. any ideas mike?? would appreciate any advice you can give or is the answer to just let the boiler keep firing altho would that cost a fortune in gas??


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meltdown!!!!!! Empty Re: meltdown!!!!!!

Post  mike Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:00 pm

Is it a Boilermate II ?
The clock normally only works the heating.
If it is a BM II check if the pumps are running.
If it is a BM II turn the control down a bit on the front.
But I think you may have a Boilermate 2000 ?
As you mention display / read out not working.
If this is the case sounds like the main PCB / control board has failed.
Try switching the unit off for a while.
Turn it on see what happens.
Down load the book for free from Gledhill's website.
Look at BM II Boilermate 2000 and Boilermate A class.
Might help you recognize which one you have.


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