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New to Boilermate...

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New to Boilermate... Empty New to Boilermate...

Post  Ross Burton Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:05 am

Bit of background first.

Just moved in to a 2 Bedroom Coach house, with onsuite shower room, single Bath, 3 Sinks, 7 / 8 Radiator (one in downstairs entrance hall permently off). I have installed a BM125 Boilermate 2000, combined with a Glowworm Micron 40ff.

The problems, after a good few hours reading around the internet on my blackberry (Broadband installation nit until next year ;( ) I like to think I have a grip on how the system operates, this enabled me to establish the first fault, Room Thermostate not opperating properly so leaving the central heating on at all times when the clock enables cetral heating, solution, buy a heatmeiser programable room thermostate to give me full control over when heating comes on and what temperature brackets I want.

The boilermate is not reporting any fault codes.

Problem 2: Glowworm unit seems not to man enough for the job, with now the reset light stuck so not firing up, tried cycling power to no avail, have turned off for the day to see if that rectifies. Solution 2 stage, thank god for the emersion heater element of the boilermate, replace boiler (boiler is extramly tired and has been spraying shitty water on to kitchen roof.

What I really need is advise on the boiler situation namely do I stick it out with the boilermate or switch to a more convetional Combi-Boiler arrangement, ie what are the pros and cons of the boiler mate against combi in my situation costs wise etc.

And if I stick with the boilermate what boiler do I go with? bearing mind I have just moved so pritty much skint, I have been eyeballing the flexicon 12hx from glowworm, would this do the job?

Thanks for everyone help in advance.


Ross Burton

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New to Boilermate... Empty Re: New to Boilermate...

Post  mike Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:53 am

Glow worm spraying water on the roof?
Or is the water from the header tank?
Heating on all the time can bethe main PCB has failed.
You need to make some checks ref the clock and heating pump.
You will not get any heating until the unit reaches 60c.
A combi will not give you the same flow rate of DHW as you have now.
A BM 2000 125 unit is a bit small though.
How old is the system?
Could be sludge etc.


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New to Boilermate... Empty Re: New to Boilermate...

Post  Ross Burton Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:12 am

Thanks for the reply Mike,

Thankfully a friend of mine was able to get the boiler to reset, so I have some breathing space (typical I have a degree in the MechEng but carnt reset a boiler

The system dates from 2002 I think.

I have isolated the room thermo state to force a 0v signal vault from it (ie disconected the live at the termostate) in this condition the central heating did not fire up, I have confirmed the clock is funtioning fine, this why i am thinking termostat and its a cheaper change over from a PCB.

Now I have had more time to study it in its working state I can quatify things a bit further, it appears the prv on the outlet side of the boiler had a cap screw missing from its top allowing hot water to spit out, I have now placed a cap screw in place, but what is happening is the right hand PRV is venting regular which I believe to be the return hot water to the boiler, I counted it do it atleast 6 times last night, this seems excessive to me (as I said I am no expert).

The actual boiler when in operation chugs like a train (if that means anything I have no idea... just an observation) and when the prv goes everything seems to cut off, BM and boiler then refires up a minute later.

Another observation is that some times the BM seems to be calling hot water when the store termostate is reporting above Max setting going through the menus is this unusal or a sign?

I have not carried out a jumper 5 reset, would that be worth doing?

The PRV is only an inch or 2 above the T in my kitchen should it be higher? there is about 8 inches clearance above it.

Is there any way I can identify if it is sludge? I have bleed radiators and got a black brackish water out of them.

Unfortunatly no Internet at home untill next year so I am having to use work for internet.

I have attached a photo of th boiler, it is the right PRV in picture that is presently venting regular as I said I am pritty certain from the instruction manual I have read this is the return to boiler.

I can take more photos if anything would be useful?

Thanks for all our help.

Edit: Can not seem to link in photos until I have been a member for 7 days.

Can an admin square that for me please?

Ross Burton

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New to Boilermate... Empty Re: New to Boilermate...

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