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No hot water

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No hot water Empty No hot water

Post  Simsy Fri Apr 03, 2009 4:11 am


I have read a few posts and therefore could probably answer the following problem my self but before I commit to totally screwing up my system I thought it would be best to have my suspicions confirmed:

My system is only 5 years old, after a year and a day approximately the hot water from all sources was intermittent (heating totally fine). As from approximately 2 years ago there is virtually no hot water coming out of either taps or shower. The only way to run hot water is to use the "emergency" switch.

The firm that installed it has sent around several "plumbers" who have no system knowledge and couldn't help. British gas arrived as I thought that may be a way ahead and they confirmed that the boiler was incorrectly fitted and all this time we were living with a death trap - thanks wimpey. Anywho, we still have the problem - no hot water without use of the emergency switch.

Hot water sensor change maybe?

Cheers for any advice, ps what would be the charge approx for your time driving to Yeovil in Somerset? - I am getting very frustrated with local engineers.


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No hot water Empty Re: No hot water

Post  Mike the Boilerman Thu Apr 09, 2009 1:34 am

Hi Simsy,

Yes, quite probably DHW sensor failure. Whatever it is I can fix it in a single visit.

Ring me for costs of a trip to Yeovil! 07866 766364.

Cheersm Mike.

Mike the Boilerman

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