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Most efficient way?

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Most efficient way? Empty Most efficient way?

Post  J4m1e5 Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:25 pm

First of all everything is working perfect with my boilermate 2000 but i would just like to ask about efficiency. My boiler seems to be on a fair bit even when nothing is getting used, i do realise that the unit has to keep heated etc, but is there any way of reducing this 'unnessesary firing' of the boiler to reduce bills?

My boiler is set at 75 degrees but goes up to 85 degrees?
Also, the boiler pump in my boilermate 2000 runs constant, is this the fault?


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Most efficient way? Empty Re: Most efficient way?

Post  Mario.S Mon Sep 30, 2013 10:25 am

Yes there is something not quite right. Your boiler pump should not run continuously. This also will drain some heat away from your Boilermate and the result is, your boiler is running more often as needed. This could be a fault on your pcb or switch pcb if your boiler has switch, but is difficult to diagnose from the pc and your righting. Bes is to get someone out who knows about Boilermat and covers your aria.
regards Mario at Mario's Boiler Service


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