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Using thermostat

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Using thermostat Empty Using thermostat

Post  paulwallas Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:26 am


I am a new home owner and a big novice when it comes to heating, thermostats etc.

I currently have a Boilermate II 2000. We have a room temperature thermostat on the wall in the landing and thermostats on the radiators throughout the house.

What I would like to know is if I were to keep the heating 'on' on the boiler and just use the temperature thermostat to determine when I want the radiators on, will this cost more on heating bills as??

How do people generally use their heating. Do they use the timer on the boiler, switch the heating on/off on the boiler when necessary or use the thermostat to control their heating?

many thanks



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Using thermostat Empty Re: Using thermostat

Post  mike Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:47 pm

Well you can use your timer to have heating in the morning.
In time you can set the rad stats (TRV's).
Rooms like your living room and main bedroom you may require hotter than others.
But even spare rooms need some heat.
If not you will get heat transfer from a hot room to a cold one when going from room to room.
Some people turn the clock on constant.
The room stat on 16 / 17 c.
And when required just turn it up when home.
This keeps things ticking over and the home is never freezing, but not boiling.
It is all about choice and trying over time to find the balance.
But, if you use it whether heating or hot water it costs money.
Don't forget that whether you have a;
Boilermate II
Boilermate 2000
The boiler heating the unit needs to be on MAX.
The unit will tell the boiler when it is satisfied / happy.
Anything less than MAX will cost more.
It is called confliction.
It pays to read the user manual on your unit.
And the installation manual too.


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