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Pulsacoil...endless aggravation or good choice?

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Pulsacoil...endless aggravation or good choice? Empty Pulsacoil...endless aggravation or good choice?

Post  TomTommy Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:34 am

Hi everybody,

I'm in an electric only late 19th century building in London. A third floor flat, the water pressure is good. I'm looking to update my water heating system which at the moment is an ancient Heatrae Sadia. There's no boiler, I won't be installing central heating, so hot water is my only issue. A few plumbers have immediately advised an unvented cylinder, but I've also been presented with the idea of a thermal store. I've done some research and understand the basic pros and cons between the two.

I'm tempted by the idea of a thermal store, but in other plumbing forums there's a lot of negativity about them in general and about Gledhill in particular. On the one hand there's a certain comfort in knowing that Pulsacoils are quite common and there's various resources such as this forum for dealing with them if things go wrong, but on the other hand perhaps this forum exists because Pulascoils are as troublesome as I've heard?

For those of you who've been down the path, knowing what you know now, would you still want a Pulsacoil?

Thanks in advance for you thoughts.


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Pulsacoil...endless aggravation or good choice? Empty Re: Pulsacoil...endless aggravation or good choice?

Post  mike Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:46 pm

Well in my patch.
Norfolk there are thousands of Gledhill units.
And overall I think they are reliable.
Most issues are installer related.
Meaning from day one.

Albion make a thermal store along with a few others.

The Gledhill unit you would be looking would be the Pulsacoil BP unit.
120 litre is the smallest. Ok for a 1 bedroom apartment / 2 people.
But I would recommend the 150 litre model.
Or larger depending on your circumstances.

The new one have;
2 heaters with 2 stats.
A mixer / blending valve for the hot water.
An extra if required would be an electronic scale reducer if in a hard water area.
Which can be ordered with the unit.
The unit is open vented.
And you still have mains pressure hot water.


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