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Anti-vacuum valve - slight drip

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Anti-vacuum valve - slight drip Empty Anti-vacuum valve - slight drip

Post  reech Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:41 pm


Will soon be bidding goodbye to my Electramate 2000, and the years of hassle it has called; the landlord has finally decided to go for a separate heating\water cylinder set up - sadly we can't go to gas, but ah well!

With perfect timing, the hot water just broke, and fortunately the heating guy managed to get flow sensors sorted out.

However, just a few minutes ago - as offpeak power time came in - we heard a very slight drip; it's the anti-vacuum valve; while the unit was noisy and filling, it was dripping. 30 mins later, and it has stopped. I've left a message for the guy to get back to me, but i don't think it's deadly serious.

That saying, I know it's not supposed to drip, but it wasn't spewing water, just gathering and dripping off bottom. Like I said - bone dry now. I expect it may drip again once it's filling or heating - so should i be worried?

(BTW: Anyone want to come and jump on the thing when i finally remove it is welcome!)


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Anti-vacuum valve - slight drip Empty Re: Anti-vacuum valve - slight drip

Post  Mike the Boilerman Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:49 am

I expect it has 'self-healed' by now. Minor leaks like this on Electramates tend to go away as they get bunged up by all the corrosion particles suspended in the store water!


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