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Gloworm Flexicom 15HX tripping out, Boilermate II to blame ?

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Gloworm Flexicom 15HX tripping out, Boilermate II to blame ? Empty Gloworm Flexicom 15HX tripping out, Boilermate II to blame ?

Post  Mart247 Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:45 am

A few weeks ago the boiler tripped out, fault code F22 which relates to pressure or flow rate according to the fault description in the manual. This happened after a small power cut but maybe a red herring.
Anyway, the guy came, said the pump & maybe a valve was at fault on the Boilermate II. I'd also noticed a couple of pipe joints & screw connectors had started to leak when I looked at the cylinder when it’d gone wrong but this must have been very recent as it’s very visible in the airing cupboard & the board it sits on was not stained or wet so it had leaked then stopped.
Local guy came, had a look, said it was the pump on the tank & possibly a valve or 2 & also the ballcock was stuck, which made me think did it run out of water hence the pressure inside had risen as it was heating air space & forced the joints to leak. This was further backed up by the fact when it was full again prior to the work & the immersion heater was being used the joints didn’t weep at all, perfectly dry.
The new pump & valves Inc. top ballcock fitted, repaired the joints & leaking valve connections nicely, it ran for a couple of hours then exactly the same issue. Boiler cut out, F22. I'm down £500+ at this point.
Comes & fits another pump so it’s now got a pair of new pumps on, messes about with everything for 4 hours, still no joy, the boiler runs for a little while to gain about 5 degrees then cuts out.
I'm now told the problem is sludge in the tank & that can’t be cleaned out as you can’t powerflush a Boilermate II, it’s the only make you can’t do that on. That’s what slowing down the flow & screwing the pumps. Also the coils in the tank will be blocked too & may break if flushed out.
Each time a pump was fitted the tank was drained & it was quite brown near the end of the drain but that’s only catching a glance of it as I walked past, not a scientific test !
I'm now being told as it can’t be fixed it’s a new tank etc. which is £1500, so in total £2K but after £500 I haven’t got anywhere.
My questions are;
1. Can you powerflush the tank/system to clean out the sludge that’s apparently causing the problem
2. Is the water in the tank the same circuit/source as the water going through the pipes in it to get heated up & come out of taps etc., I presume not as otherwise we’d have brown water out of the taps. So are the coils likely to be blocked ?
3. Is the issue more likely the supply to/from the boiler
4. Would it have been reasonable to expect him to flush that circuit out when the pumps/valves were being installed ? I presume if you can’t flush the tank out you could the rest of the system if you had the pump off that supplies the boiler so that could be done, yes ?
5. Can you flush the to & from boiler pipes without damaging the boiler internals ?
6. Given the fault was the same when he said pumps & valves etc. were the issue, am I right to think really I shouldn’t have paid for it & if I did go with the £1500 total repair that my £500 should come off that cost ?

Any help gratefully received, I'm in Rickmansworth, Herts.


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Gloworm Flexicom 15HX tripping out, Boilermate II to blame ? Empty Re: Gloworm Flexicom 15HX tripping out, Boilermate II to blame ?

Post  mike Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:34 am

Boilermate II
They are getting to end of life.
They can not be power flushed. No thermal store can.
They can be cleaned with cleaner / sludge remover.
The 2 pipes from the boiler to the BM II ( flow & return) can be power flushed if disconnected from the unit.
If cleaning with cleaner / sludge remover.
1 litre or 500ml depending on make etc is needed for every 100 litres.
So if BM is 150 litres = 1.5 bottles.
Then more required for the boiler and rads. A small system = 1 bottle.
2.5 bottles you would use 3. Or more if you wish.

BM II is full of dirty water which is used for the boiler & rads.
The hot water goes into the unit through a coil and out to mixer valve.
The coil is very likely to be scaled inside with limescale.
The out side of the coil in the dirty water is finned to transfer the heat. Sludge will / can effect that too.
If the BM II old cleaning can make it worse sometimes.
Also all the cleaning is very labour intensive.
When your boiler runs how long for?
If it stops and starts a lot then the pipe are sludged up.
I presume the new pumps are good ones.
Your trouble started the day it was installed.
Clock was ticking. Never enough or any inhibitor / protector on installation.


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