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Local Boilermate 2000 Engineers

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Local Boilermate 2000 Engineers Empty Local Boilermate 2000 Engineers

Post  bazjonster Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:04 am

I am trying to track down any Boilermate 2000 repair specialists in the Norwich/Norfolk area. Someone from the Cambridge area has diagnosed (over the phone) my problem as a faulty ACB but sadly failed to get back to me with a repair date so I am guessing he does not want the business! The system can run for hours and although the heating is switched off on the Boilermate 2000 and the room thermostat is set to '0', the radiators were still getting hot (until I closed all the individual Radiator stats) and the heating pump on the system is red hot when it runs. If I turn the mains off for a while it seems to reset for a few hours/days but it is definitely faulty and I am worried about running costs. Any contacts/advice much appreciated.


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Local Boilermate 2000 Engineers Empty Re: Local Boilermate 2000 Engineers

Post  mattalsop Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:23 am

Hi, I can't help with the question regarding specialists in your area. If in your position I would turn off the mains supply to the Boilermate and then disconnect the heating pump wires from the circuit board...........or probably just disconnect the brown live wire that supplies the heating pump so the pump can't run. I believe the middle pump of the three is the heating pump. At least if the faulty circuit board trys to start the pump it won't run. That's fine for the summer anyway and hopefully you can get the Boilermate fixed before you need to use the heating for the winter. I'll just point out I'm not a qualified heating engineer. I'm an electronics/electrical service engineer.


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