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Boiler switched live always live?

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Boiler switched live always live? Empty Boiler switched live always live?

Post  mobs Sun Mar 22, 2015 2:19 pm

Hopefully someone can help me. I have recently replaced my boiler from an unreliable Potterton Suprima to a Baxi EcoBlue. After the change I have been getting boiler lockouts, to be honest I was getting boiler lockouts before but put it down to the boiler. After lots of research and fault finding, even replacing the boiler circ pump to ensure sufficient circulation, still having lockouts. I think the route cause is that the Boilermate ACB is always sending 240v to the boiler and never turning it off. I have confirmed with a fluke that the voltage is always 240v on the switched live to the boiler on No7 of the terminal block regardless of whether the store is calling for heat or not. I have checked and No6 constant live is also the same so they are not the wrong way round. It looks like it maybe a relay stuck on all the time? Does anyone know which are the relays on the board and a source for supply so that I can swap some out. I know that I could just get a service exchange board but would rather do it myself as I am able to solder. I have already ordered the capacitors to replace those but not sure that will solve this one? Other than the ACB not cutting the switched live to boiler when store temp reached it is working fine.

I would really appreciate it if anyone has any advice. Does anyone know what components are normally changed on a service exchange board?

Thanks in advance and great forum with some really good info that's got me this far.


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Boiler switched live always live? Empty Re: Boiler switched live always live?

Post  mike Mon Mar 23, 2015 5:06 pm

There is a firm who do recon ACB's.
That would be your best bet.
Or look at the circuit drawing in the book.


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