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Boiler struggles to ignite

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Boiler struggles to ignite Empty Boiler struggles to ignite

Post  kit17 Sun Dec 13, 2015 1:35 pm


I have a boilermate 2000 and an Ideal boiler both 12 and half years old. Hot water works fine however the central heating is causing some problems.

When I turn the room stat up it all works fine for about half an hour - boiler fires up and rads get hot.  Then we get a problem with the boiler where it keeps clicking, like its trying to ignite and if it does ignite it goes off very quickly. I can also hear the boilermate making on off noises as well - no banging noises just like it's trying to do something. Although I would add the rads do keep pumping out heat.  Now one thing I have noticed is once I turn the stat down the boiler then fires up and seems to work as normal.

I've got central heating insurance cover and so far they have changed the Fan, pressure switch, PCB and solenoid in the boiler. They are coming back to re fit another new fan in case the first replacement is faulty. They know I've got a boilermate 2000 but don't seem to want to go near it. They have also said if the new fan doesn't cure it, I will need a new boiler.

Does this sound like a boilermate problem?

Any help/opinion would be greatly appreciated


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Boiler struggles to ignite Empty Re: Boiler struggles to ignite

Post  mike Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:21 am

I have giving many answers for BM 2000's.
As stated before it would help if you gave your area / location.
Has the BM been checked?
Water level?
Unit takes water from F & E tank?
BM temperature at its MAX with no heating on.
Must be over 60c if not heating pump would not work.
Boiler pump (left hand one of the 3 pumps) Is it free? Is it lazy?
System condition? Water brown? points to sludge.
If you are not up to all the above.
Google up Gledhill repairs etc for your location.
Boiler should be on MAX nothing less.


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Boiler struggles to ignite Empty Re: Boiler struggles to ignite

Post  kit17 Sun Dec 27, 2015 7:47 am

Thanks Mike, for your reply and for coming over and fixing it at short notice a few days before Christmas.

To those who have a similar problem it was the ACB in the Boilermate which had failed.

Unfortunately my insurance policy didn't cover this so I had to stump up but on the plus side my boiler has had loads of new parts fitted to it free of charge and I guess with the boiler being 12 years old some of the parts they changed were coming to the end of their life anyway. Certainly the fan was getting noisy, in fact the whole CH system seems to be running better than ever, the rads get hotter quicker than I can ever remember.  We also got £150 of compensation from my boiler/central heating insurance company as a good will gesture because they took so long diagnosing the fault.




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Boiler struggles to ignite Empty Re: Boiler struggles to ignite

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