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Sytemate III - boiler keeps turning on & off

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Sytemate III - boiler keeps turning on & off Empty Sytemate III - boiler keeps turning on & off

Post  wilfredc Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:38 am

Hi there. I have a Systemate III that recent had it's 'SAC Board' replaced and as far as I can tell we are getting hot water correctly. However:

1. The boiler keeps turning on and off intermittently every 1-2 minutes it fires up for a minute, then turns off again and repeats all through the night. I have tried setting the boiler temperature to max and min and it still happens. Is this normal? How often should I expect to hear the boiler fire up?

2. The boiler is firing up as above even when the Systemate is set to 'off' i.e. the empty circle setting, should this be happening? Can the Systemate demand heat from the boiler even when it is in the 'off' position or am I misunderstanding how the whole setup works?

I am not using central heating at the moment. There is a slow hot water leak from one of our bathrooms which may be demanding heat from the thermal store, but I don't understand why that would force the Systemate to demand heat if it is set to 'off'.

I have temporarily resorted to switching off the boiler until we need to shower, then turning it off again. Is this an ok temporary solution or will it cause issues to the boiler/Systemate?

Thanks for your help!


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Sytemate III - boiler keeps turning on & off Empty Re: Sytemate III - boiler keeps turning on & off

Post  Geths Fri Oct 18, 2019 5:03 pm

Hello wilf,

Your boiler certainly shouldn't be firing every couple of minutes.  The boiler should only fire when you request heating/hot water and periodically when the systemate requires the store recharging, this is regardless of the clock position.   Turning your boiler off manually means the store won't be working correctly and you'll using alot more energy as when you turn the system back on, as you'll need to recharge the store. It's a short-term fix at best.


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