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Boiler pump not cutting out

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Boiler pump not cutting out Empty Boiler pump not cutting out

Post  Stephen Sun Jun 24, 2018 6:04 am

Hi there.
Posting in here as a more general board, I have posted plenty in the A-Class forum and have sorted out most of my issues bar this one.

When my store gets up to temp the boiler pump keeps running and as its circulating water through external pipes the temp drops enough for the boiler to fire evry 20 minutes or so.
If I switch the unit off however, and back on when it is at temp, the pump and boiler stay off (LED indicators also) until the demand for heat from the store drops the temp, then they fire up again and the pump will just stay one.

So I assume there is a timer delay somewhere for the pump that must be faulty, does this sound crrect? if so where can I find it on the board? it is a new PCB.




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Boiler pump not cutting out Empty Which pcb

Post  mmartin Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:53 am

Hi not sure which model of Boilermate you have but if it is the one using the GT155 / GD131 main pcb then the boiler pump run on time is fixed in the software at approximately 3 minutes, with the purpose of removing any latent heat from the boiler thus stopping tripping on overheat as well as improving efficiency. There are no user settings for this. If it is a different one then not sure.

If it is the GT155/GD131 and it is starting to do strange things then it will be in need of repair/replacement. I can help with this and have a video showing the general operation of these pcb's here:

My website

Regards Murray.


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