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No Hot Water

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No Hot Water Empty No Hot Water

Post  E16RLE Sat Oct 05, 2019 1:03 pm

Hi all.

Currently having the issue of no hot water.

Been through ACB self test, no error apparent via self test, sensor wise.

Suspected DHW pump or, DHE as time period before problem water was intermittent temperature/pressure wise.

Wasn't 100% if DHW pump was/is running, didn't seem to be with a hot water selection but did seem to when "switch" is selected as had a greater pressure at tap.

Checked via the vent shaft on the DHW pump, no seizure apparent, dirty coloured water in vent hole as was in all pumps, sludge perhaps ?

Ran self test via ACB with multi meter conected to inputs of each pump. Readings were around 115v- 145v "without load" & both the Bolier & HTG pump recieved the 240v in conjunction wiith the self test pulse.

DHW pump did not recieve 240v on the self test just a constant around the 115v mark, so thinking the problem lies within the power supply to the pump via the ACB ??

Also did a Voltage check when in "switch" mode & have 240v supply to the DHW pump in this scenario.

Any help &/or advise as always greatly appreciated.


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No Hot Water Empty Operation of GT155

Post  mmartin Fri Oct 11, 2019 10:38 am

This video may be of help in understanding the operation, measuring voltages on the hot water pump is not going to give sensible reading as it is speed controlled.


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