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Intermittent hot and cold water

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Intermittent hot and cold water Empty Intermittent hot and cold water

Post  Garyh Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:30 am

I am getting hot then cold water, while running taps shower bath etc, what could this be, it’s a BoilerMate 2000, with a gloworm boiler in kitchen, heating working ok,

Information appreciated, or price for repairs, local to Thetford in Norfolk, Gledhill knowledge plumber.


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Intermittent hot and cold water Empty Diagnosing

Post  mmartin Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:03 pm

Hi it could be a few different things causing your problems including lack of water in the system (check header tank level) I think this is usually accompanied by much gurgling.  Another option is the Gledhill GT155 pcb going faulty.  You can use SW2 the lower of the two small push buttons at the left of the red display to check the temperature sensors.  First push should show the tank temp. the next the heat exchanger temp and the third the hot water return temp.  If any show -err or silly temps like 90 degrees they or their wiring is duff.  By the way if the display is not showing -on or =on then the pcb is faulty anyway.  There are some other indicator like things going on and off by themselves.  Have a look at the videos on my website for ideas:

Murray Martin

I can repair the pcb's for you details on my website.

Regards Murray


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