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Need help no hot water

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Need help no hot water Empty Need help no hot water

Post  lilmishazeleyes Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:05 am

My partner and I recently purchased a new home. The pipes had been drained during the homes non occupancy which ended up being nearly a year. We had a plumber come out to the home to reinstate all of our water and gas. They filled the radiators and showed me how the systems worked, although he himself was unfamiliar with the BoilerMate 2000. We were unable to get the radiators to get hot but as it was May we were not concerned with spending more time and money on addressing the issues right then as we did have hot water coming from the taps.

We are now in September and as of yesterday we no longer have any hot water coming from any tap, it is not intermittent, it is not even warm it is freezing cold from all taps and showers. We attempted to put on the emergen water heater, and all that happened was that suddenly all of our radiators heated up. When we turn off the emergen then the radiators do not work. Obviously the solution of running our emergen heater is not ideal as it will cost a lot in electrical bills.

Please help we have 2 problems here no hot water in taps and central heating only when the emergency heater is on. What do we do or what can I tell my local plumber? (In Welwyn Garden City)


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