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Systemate III with 2 channel programmer

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Systemate III with 2 channel programmer Empty Systemate III with 2 channel programmer

Post  alan Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:52 am

To stop the boiler cycling during the night (eg on for 30 secs every 15 min or so) and helping my arthritis to keep me awake, I have had a 2 channel programmer fitted according to the manual instructions. I now find that when the HW is in off period, not only does the boiler not operate, but also the DHW pump does not and so we cannot draw hot water. I had expected the stored heat system with the new programmer to behave as a conventional stored water system and allow heat to be withdrawn even though it would not be replaced immmediately when the boiler is off. The plumber/heating engineer who did the job for me says the PCB must be designed that way and nothing can be done. Is there a way of achieving hot water flow when the boiler is in off mode?


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