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Post  martinwinlow on Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:22 am

Hi - I am trying to find a good Thermal Store and see that you work a lot with Gledhill. Is that just because they are the biggest or because they are the best? Who would you recommend ideally?

I have spoken - 3 times - with DPS and cannot get any sense out of them. No-one ever calls me back (calls to their office go unanswered) tho their site (rather OTT as you say) I think gives the impression they do a good product that appears much more flexible in configuration terms than Gledhill.

I want a TS suitable for a 5 bed house run mainly off Eco7 electric with condensing oil boiler back-up, supplying hot water and UFH on 2 floors with a total floor area of 210m2. The house has good insulation. The hole available for the TS is 600mm wide and 2.2m high but is on the ground floor. The oil boiler is on the first floor (it's an upside down house built into a hill-side).

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Regards, MW.


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Post  Moonraker on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:30 am

I would avoid buying a Gledhill systemate 2000......I know of plenty of people who have had problems, especially in hard water areas. Also, we have had a lot of problems with the ones fitted in our housing estate by Persimmon Homes. They no longer fit these systems but we are left tryng to keep them working and have no end of issues!


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