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Pulsacoil III pump issue

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Pulsacoil III pump issue Empty Pulsacoil III pump issue

Post  Sparky Wed Jan 27, 2010 4:58 pm

The latest advice from Gledhill is that they no longer stock replacement Grundfos 15-50 -130 selectric pumps for the Pulsacoil III. They have suggested that I purchase a 'standard' Grundfos 15-50 - 130 with 1.5inch BSPM flanges and take it apart and insert the new parts into the body of the old pump !!!
Im working on a 2002 Pulsacoil III and the factory fitted flangless pump is fitted (without pump isolating valves) directly on to the 22mm copper return from the plate exchanger to the heat store. To replace any part or to replace the complete pump you have to completely drain the store. Good design or what !!

Little tip if you have flucuating hot / cold water at the outlets : If the water heater is feeding hot water to thermostatic shower units, first check that the thermostatic valve in the shower unit is working. If the water is flucuating from hot to cold and back again under constant flow, turn on a hot water tap and see if the same occurs. if it does'nt the thermostatic shower valve may be faulty NOT the Pulsacoil water heater. If the hot water is flucuating at more than one tap / shower outlet, the fault will be in the Pulsacoil heater.



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Pulsacoil III pump issue Empty Thanks for the update

Post  sunny.sahdev Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:49 am

Thank you for the update Sparky.


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