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Boiler keeps starting - normal?

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Boiler keeps starting - normal? Empty Boiler keeps starting - normal?

Post  JDK Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:20 am


I'm just wondering is it normal for my boiler to periodically (every so many minutes, can vary) start up and burn for approx 30-60 seconds even when not using any HW or CH? The boiler is set to max on it's temp knob and we don't use the CH much, if ever.

I'm just wondering about the amount of gas my system may be wasting, this behaviour has gone on for quite a while.

Many thanks in advance,



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Boiler keeps starting - normal? Empty Re: Boiler keeps starting - normal?

Post  Midland Boilercare Fri May 27, 2011 1:19 am

Good morning

I know it's late getting this response to you, but if you are still having the problems with the boiler firing all the time, it may be that your boiler thermostat is set too low and the Gledhill unit is not reaching its correct temperature.
Start by checking that the boiler thermostat is turned to its maximum setting, and that the small grey tank on top of the unit is half full of water.
Midland Boilercare
Midland Boilercare

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