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Post  ColdPipes on Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:57 pm

Having gotten use to sleeping walking to the boiler cupboard to press the reset button several times a night all last winter, I was rather pleased to find my boiler didn't trip out when set to HW this summer. I flicked it over to HW+CH last weekend and sure enough the a reset was required within a couple of hours. I managed to recently get boiler care cover from my energy provider so called them up and booked an engineer visit. After plenty of head scratching the boiler return sensor was ordered and the engineer returned today to fit it. Once fitted, the engineer asked me to leave the system to settle down before turning it to HW or HW+CH and bleed the radiators and check the boiler pressure was at 1bar. I waited a few hours, bled the air out of the radiators, checked the pressure and turned the beast to HW. The PHE pump started turning over but the gas burner didn't light and no reset LED. After about 30 minutes still nothing had changed other than the PHE pump was dangerously hot. I have turned the unit off and back on several times but the same issues persist. It's as if the gas has been shut off and not turned back on perhaps? (there is gas to my hob so maybe something on the unit wasn't put back right) Having read the common problems and other posts, I am pretty sure my 5 year old A-Class is fit for the scrappy but if anyone has some thoughts as to how I may get another winter out of it, I would be very grateful to hear them. Thank you.


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