PULSACOIL 200 No off peak hot water

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PULSACOIL 200 No off peak hot water

Post  kirsdy on Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:34 am

For 3 days now i have had no hot water in the mornings, it seems the water is not being heated during the off peak time.
All switches are on and i have only a green light (no red fault light).

If i use the boost during peak times we get hot water- limited amount

It seems like no power is getting to the tank during off peak as there is no noise. I have checked all the main fuses and nothing has tripped.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated as our local plumber is not familiar with this type of boiler and i have no clue.


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Re: PULSACOIL 200 No off peak hot water

Post  mike on Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:20 pm

Well you need to check and off peak timers / switches.
If all ok.
Check bottom heater and stat.
Which is really no different than any other immersion heater found in any cylinder.
Also if you read through the posts on PC 2000.
All the answers are there.


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Re: PULSACOIL 200 No off peak hot water

Post  southern nrg on Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:55 pm

Had few of these recently, mostly faulty stats, i have had 2 recently which had melted relays which also melted the boards, further investigation after repairs revealed wiring from off peak supply in walls/ ceilings etc had also melted. have had to re-wire. one is still not producing enough hot water and turns out it has not worked for about 3 years on off peak! owners just put up with it!.
To check stats:
Isolate power supplies to boiler, if boiler has overheat stat located top left of boiler under black cap unscrew cap and push button, if it clicks it means boiler has overheated. A retro fit stat kit is available which eliminates this but replaces the stats with independent trips. if yours has a retro fit kit fitted the original overheat stat should have been bypassed, this can only be bypassed if the retro stat kit is fitted. i have found a few boiler with both a retro fit kit and the original overheat stat still connected, this can cause nuisance tripping. If the retro fit stats have been fitted to check unscrew the black plastic caps covering the heating elements, on the stat you will see a small red oblong pin just to the right of the temp setting, ensure this is in and not flush with the stat face. use a match or similar. these can come out of calibration and can sometimes nuisance trip. hope this helps. If you are unsure to what you are doing always get a recommended engineer or use check a trade.

southern nrg

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Try the self check guide, if this doesn't work call someone out

Post  sunny.sahdev on Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:59 am

Hi Kirsdy,

Request the "Self Check Pulsacoil Mini Guide" via this link and follow the instructions: Pulsacoil 2000


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Re: PULSACOIL 200 No off peak hot water

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