shower goes hot and cold especially when the heating is on

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shower goes hot and cold especially when the heating is on

Post  gledhillemma on Mon May 11, 2009 5:57 am


i have lived in a george wimpey house now for 3 years. they installed a gledhill systemate 2000 with an ideal boiler. for the last year i have had problems with the shower going hot and cold especially when the heating is on or has been on or if ive had a bath the night before. the same happens at the taps. trying to wash up is a nightmare! as trying to get a bowl of hot water takes quite a while and i waste loads of water which i dont like doing. I thought i may have had a problem with the boiler its self as i didnt get it serviced for the first two years and i also had a leak through the ceiling. The boiler service came back as all fine but when i mentioned the problem i was having they said it would be a problem with the gledhill. 3 plumbers have so far run a mile when they've seen the system and i am now at a lost as to who i can get out to fix it and where the problem lies. I did have a problem last december (a week before xmas) where the whole system completely emptied (i didnt have a single drop of water in my radiators). this was when i had the leak. i put leak seleant into the radiator and hoped for the best and refilled the rads. so far fingers crossed the pressure has stayed the same so im hoping the leak has been sealed as the plumber switched everything off and told me too dangerous to use but wouldnt fix it.a week before xmas!! i did ring gledhill technical support who were brilliant and talked me through it all. but cost a fortune on the phone.

so after all that my question is do you know what the problem could be and what i can say to the plumber and which plumber would be best to use in the north east (south tyneside area). and could this all be resulting in my high gas bill (it has been £300 or over last 3 bills and i barely have heating on or use the gas hob and theres only me in the house).

hope you can help and i can get some answers to the problems-its gone on too long now.


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Re: shower goes hot and cold especially when the heating is on

Post  Mike the Boilerman on Wed May 20, 2009 3:38 pm

Hi Emma,

This sounds like heat sensor failure. Check out and see if they list a Gledhill specialist in your area. They are not difficult to fix for someone who knows these appliances.

Cheers, Mike

Mike the Boilerman

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