No CH, DHW ok though.

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No CH, DHW ok though. Empty No CH, DHW ok though.

Post  p4ulg on Sat Jul 01, 2017 3:00 am

Hi All,
Newbie to the boilermate family as I've inherited it with a recent house move.
Good news is however that it was replaced last year so just over 1 yr old now..
Bad news is I've always had a combi sustem which was failry user friendly..

I replaced 2 radiators last night with new lockshields and TRVs..
I closed off all rads, Drained down the system for what felt like hours..( At this point I figured out there was no external drain off so I had to drain from one of the rads that have been fitted wih drain points..)
Turned everything back on this morning and filled system, Bled the rads and opened up all the other previously closed rads..
Usual swooshing noises for the first few mins and hoped it would all kick in fine again,,

I look to have Hot water fine, But the rads are not heating at all.
I have the manulas and online guides..

So at present the thermostat is set to full.

i have no heat at rads.
Checking the docs.. No fault codes exist so I'm thinking its' an air lock..
I've so far tried all the rads and no air..
I've loosened the centre screw on the pump whilst off, No air..
Hot water seems to be working fine so out of ideas..

Any other suggestions or how best to get rid of air lock ?


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No CH, DHW ok though. Empty Re: No CH, DHW ok though.

Post  p4ulg on Sat Jul 01, 2017 11:12 am

Finally... Bit of detective work and ignorance...

The nipple above the pump.. few shots at that and got some air out the system and the pump kicked in.... Few cold spots still on the rads but likely to be more air so will continue to bleed over the comign days..

So next question is..

When I go to replace the remainder of the rads in the coming weeks, Is there an easier way to drain system down or fill it back up to prevent these issues ?

Picture is showing on it's side for some reason but it's the one to the Left on the pic but you get the idea.. A litle turn with a towel under neath to expel the air and you will hear the air move around..
Hopefully it helps others..
url=]No CH, DHW ok though. Img_4111[/url]


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