Can't believe this

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Can't believe this

Post  morph on Tue Oct 27, 2009 11:25 am

Having one of these boilers seems to be a curse.
The manual says that "they do not need annual servicing".
Maybe not but they have a mind of their own and seem to be nothing but trouble.
From the company going into receivership, to finding it near impossible to get someone to come and fix it.
Problem after problem. Is it really worth all the time and effort to still get nowhere?
Our neighbor has replaced his, he cant be bothered with it anymore.
I've been using the local swimming pool every couple of days as our boiler has been screwed now for 2 months.
And why do so many building contractors not install them properly on new builds - i.e. not wire them for economy 7 when that is what they were designed to run on?
Our electricity bills were ridiculous.
Its a joke.
Thanks to Mike for this website.
Still waiting to hear back from him and Gledhill response for a date when someone can fix it - even that's a chore.
will it ever end?


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