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Boilermate 2000 pump constantly running

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Boilermate 2000 pump constantly running Empty Boilermate 2000 pump constantly running

Post  Gary Faulkner Mon Feb 03, 2014 3:12 am

I have a boilermate 2000 and the other day noticed the pump is constantly running and circulating stored water through the boiler (Baxi solo 3) all 3 pumps are set to maximum speed setting and boiler thermostat on full. Of the 3 LEDs the bottom 2 a constantly lit, top one lights when room thermostat clicks on. I have no problems with hot water from taps or radiators being cold. The stored temp readout on the display last night was 72 degrees (which I would of thought is plenty to shut off) yet keeps running and demanding more heat. I have viewed a few threads regarding this problem and looks like I have a pcb fault. Just wanted to double check before I fork out for a new one. Is there a way to single out the fault being a thermal sensor telling the pcb the stored water is cooler than actual or is 72 degrees plenty to shut down? Any help would be appreciated.


Gary Faulkner

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Boilermate 2000 pump constantly running Empty Re: Boilermate 2000 pump constantly running

Post  mike Mon Feb 03, 2014 12:51 pm

Check fault codes.
And check store sensor.
Check boiler pump and that unit is full.
All been covered on here.


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