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Mike is a Godsend!

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Mike is a Godsend! Empty Mike is a Godsend!

Post  gasdoc Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:14 pm

A heart felt thanks to Mike The Boilerman and his forum. My PHE came up for replacement for the second time last week. I had asked advice on this forum on the last occasion and the help was invaluable. This time I was able to review the thread from the last adventure, so didn't repeat the same mistakes. This time though I confirmed to my satisfaction that my cold feed was indeed blocked as I drained the whole radiator/tank system and when I looked in the header tank it was still full!! So I bit the bullet and added Mike's cold feed modification from the drain hole of the storage tank to the header. It has been miraculous, everything now works better than it has ever.
Mike is a Godsend! 2016-010


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