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Draining System

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Draining System Empty Draining System

Post  Nibbs Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:48 pm

Thanks for the website! It has really helped me understand the system.

I want to do some work in the bathroom which involves moving a radiator and converting it into a towel rail. Now, I understand that I would need to switch off the boiler and BoilerMate II to stop it heating and pumping. Turn off the water inlet into the F&E tank. Then drain down the system using the drain cock on the lowest radiator to a level below that of the radiator I want to remove.

Removing and refitting a new towel rail I think I understand. However...

After fitting the towel rail, do I just turn the water on to fill the F&E tank whilst bleeding out the air from the rads around the house? Will I need to top up the inhibitor (X100)? I've seen a testing kit which will measure the level currently in the circuit for only a few pounds.

Many thanks


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