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BoilerMate II Supply Fuse Keeps Blowing

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BoilerMate II Supply Fuse Keeps Blowing Empty BoilerMate II Supply Fuse Keeps Blowing

Post  Tim R Sun Jan 10, 2010 6:53 am

Would appreciate any help with reasons why the electrical supply fuse keeps blowing.

It's a 3amp fuse on the mains supply. The supply feeds the boiler and the boilermate. The boiler is new - we called out the electrician who wired it in. He said the boiler wan't the problem. However he also said he checked 'everything' on the boilermate II and could see anything obvious. Another post on the site indicates possible water leaking into the electics of the pump - motor of the pump - I removed the electrical covers on both pumps and the boilermate itself. couldn't see anything obvious. The fuses don't blow at any fixed time of the day (I can tell by when the timer stops) so it doesn't correspond with the boiler first turning on with the timer in the morning. Would be very grateful for any tips an checks I could do to identify the culprit of the blowing fuses - I'm running the local shops dry of 3amp fuses!!

Tim R

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BoilerMate II Supply Fuse Keeps Blowing Empty Re: BoilerMate II Supply Fuse Keeps Blowing

Post  Mike the Boilerman Sun Jan 31, 2010 3:02 pm

Hi Tim,

Sadly there is no way to accurately diagnose a system fault that occasionally blows fuses. The only approach I can think of is to replace parts on a speculative basis, starting with the pumps. Every single time I've been called out to attend a system blowing fuses it is ALWAYS a fauly pump so I'd start by replacing yours if I were you.

Another approach might be to fit a 5 Amp fuse ;-)

Cheers, Mike

Mike the Boilerman

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