Pulsa Coil A Class - Seems To Take A Long Time To Heat Up

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Pulsa Coil A Class - Seems To Take A Long Time To Heat Up Empty Pulsa Coil A Class - Seems To Take A Long Time To Heat Up

Post  D.kelly on Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:42 pm

Hi All

I wondered if anyone could suggest anything to help me fix the following issue that i'm having. I recently purchased a purpose built flat which was built just over 4 years ago. I seem to have a problem with the Pulsa Coil A Class Immersion heator in that once the hot water has been used up, it seems to take a long time before i can get hot water again. For example, i stepped out of the shower at 7:30am this morning and when my flat mate went to have a shower just after 11am and he said only cold water was coming out of the hot water tap, i assume that this isn't normal and suggests a fault.

I wasn't given any information on how to use this Immersion heater when i bought the flat as the flat had been reposed from the previous owner. There are two switchs on the wall above the immersion heator, one is labelled "Off peak Immersion" and the other is labeled "Water Heator". When i first got the keys to the flat the immersion heator had been switched off so i turned the water back on and turned on the two switches on the wall. When i switched on the "Water Heator" switch, there was a loud bang and sparks flew out from underneath the switch. My brother replaced the whole switch and reckons that the loud bang was due to one of the wires inside the switch plate touching the metal plating inside the switch box. I thought i's mention that incase that has anything to do with my its taking so long to heat water up.

I noticed that Mike said that it should take roughly 30 mins to heat up using the boost button on the front of the heator or 1 hour 30 mins using the off peak. I've got economy 10 heating in the flat but the couple who live above me said that you need to keep both the "Off peak Immersion" and "Water Heator" switches on at all times.

If anyone has any suggestions as to why this is taking so long to heat up, i'd really appreciate it. One last thing, i checked the water tank at the top and found that the water is filled almost to the top.




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