Help required with Pulsacoil A-class only on-peak supply

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Help required with Pulsacoil A-class only on-peak supply

Post  vlad17 on Mon Mar 15, 2010 9:06 am


I just rented and moved into a flat equipped with a pulsacoil a-class water heater. I had no problem for a couple of days until i decided to check my electricity consumption. it seems very high to me and i think it could be because of the pulsacoil since i am barely heating the flat and not using the tumble dyer.
There is no off-peak system in my building. That means that I won't be able to use boost system according to the user manual. it seems correct since the boost button does not seem to do anything when i activate it. The pulsacoil is connected to two switches on the wall. One that seems to be for the on-peak wiring and one for the off-peak wiring. If both of these switches are on the pulsacoil works fine (i.e.: it delivers hot water and can be turned on). If the off-peak switch is on, i can turn on the pulsa coil (using the main switch of the pulsacoil itself), but if the on-peak switch is off, i cannot turn on the pulsa coil. It seems that the pulsa coil starts working everytime i take some hot water (even for just washing hands for example) whereas it is said that it should wait to have reached a for a certain low temperature to start heating. Finally i noticed that there is a small amount of water leaking from the drain tap (item 10 in figure 1.2 on page 6). This leak does not occur all the time, but it seems to leak more if i use more hot water.
Now the questions:
Is this switches' behaviour normal?
Is it also normal for the pulsa coil to use a lot of energy is wired with on-peak electricity only?
Do i need to leave both switches on all the time or should i stop one of them during the day when I am not using water?
Is it possible to install a timer (and should I?) so as to minimize the electricity consumption?
Is it possible to have a new meter installed in order to benefit from night and day rates (since that is the way the pulsacoil was intended to work)?
Who should pay for that (me or the landlord)?
Is it possible to do that in any building and can it be done for only one flat in teh building or does it need to be done for everyflat?

I am asking a lot of questions, but it is very important for me to understand how this thing work because i really do not want to spend all my money in electricity.
Thank you very much in advance for all your help.


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