Cost of parts: relay + base?

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Cost of parts: relay + base? Empty Cost of parts: relay + base?

Post  mosey on Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:59 pm


Our off-peak heater recently stopped working and an engineer came round for a visit. He diagnosed that the relay(s) were burnt-out, and when he took off the Repol(?) relay for the off-peak heater, you could definitely see where the plastic bit around the metal connector had melted away: on both the Repol relay and the base.

The engineer mentioned that the wires were slightly burnt... however, once the (hardly used) Repol relay for the boost heater was inserted to the left-hand-side off-peak base, the off-peak heater started working again.

Just to borrow someone else's image with a red box to show the location of the fried relay:

Cost of parts: relay + base? Pulsacoil

I don't know if the relay (and base) are parts that engineers carry around alot, but having received a quote for a return visit to replace the relay+base, I was curious as to the cost of the parts after reading this post suggesting that it could potentially be around £60?

(329991 (relay)£20.34. 376105 (relay base) £22.47 = apx. £50

Plus a reasonable 10-20%? to our engineer for the admin cost.

I have also read on the forums that Gledhill manufacture an 'upgrade' kit to prevent future burnouts (is it easy to tell if this has been fitted already?) but having clicked on the link to parts for PulsaCoil Class-A on Segel I have no idea if this upgrade kit is the relay+base itself or something else?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I am keen on having the parts replaced to ensure that we don't have a sudden cold-water surprise in the middle of the holidays, but like everyone else, would prefer to pay a fair price for parts (and labour) so that both the engineer and myself are happy.

Many thanks in advance!


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Cost of parts: relay + base? Empty Re: Cost of parts: relay + base?

Post  mike on Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:20 pm

Ring and speak to seagal
Look at;
Be warned though they are not easy to fit.
They come with written instructions and pictures.


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